3 Huge Updates All Local Businesses Need to Know– and How They Can Help You Rank Higher in Organic Search Results

Google is rolling out some new updates and we’re here to help you leverage these changes to rank your local business higher in search results! 

It’s important to show up on Google, but it can also be tricky.  These tips will help you make the most of the recent changes that we are going to dub “the 3 R’s”– reviews, relevancy, and ranking.  Topics covered in this episode include how to create content that Google views as “helpful,” why there is no page 2 on Google any longer, and what kind of reviews you need for your business.  Stay ahead of the curve.  You can listen to the full episode below.



Shelley Hoffman

Shelley Hoffman

Director, Omni Marketing Group

Shelley is marketing strategist with a heart for local business owners.  With a 10+ year career in media sales, advertising, marketing, and public relations, she brings her can-do attitude and big ideas to each and every campaign she creates for her clients.


More visibility. More traffic. More leads. More sales.  All together, that equals more revenue and ultimately, more profit for your local business.  Omni Marketing Group has helped over 100 businesses just like yours.  To see how we can make a difference for you, schedule your free consult call with one of our team members today.